About the Artist

Anne Robley; artist, designer and founder of Shirley's Girl

Founder and creative force behind Shirley's Girl, Anne is on a mission to help you bring more happiness, love and laughter to the world, through these unique, smile-inducing designs. She is also committed to a happier and healthier planet and does her utmost to provide you with responsible and sustainable creation for waste and guilt-free holiday decorating! 
Fueled with joy, enthusiasm, and a whole lotta Micheal Bubblé, she pours her heart into each piece, infusing them with a fantastical, child-like awe from childhood memories
Her sincere wish is for you to be able to build your own warm and wonderful memories, for generations to come.

A word about Shirley

"Shirley's Girl is named in honour of my mum and is inspired by her endless love. She is the most amazing and courageous woman I know (despite her peculiar fear of squirrels*) She has a great sense of humour. She is honest She is true to herself, loyal and simply my hero!"          - AR

Anne and her mum Shirely 

* Why is the logo a Squirrel?  'Cause it's funny and reminds her to face fears and challenges with a smile.