About the Products

 Shirley's Girl is a wonderland of whimsical, handcrafted treasures designed to ignite your imagination and bring joy to your heart while keeping your eco-consciousness calm. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with love, helping you to infuse your home with a hint of guilt-free magic for each season!

All ornaments are hand cut, hand sanded, hand sculpted and hand painted in small quantities.

  • Wood: is locally foraged from sustainable sources, individually cut, sanded & painted. 
  • Clay: is a natural, no-bake variety which requires neither fire or electrical energy for kilns. Natural white and red clay sculptures and figurines are hand rolled, moulded, etched and painted/glazed.
  • Upcycled: materials are purchased from near-by second-hand stores and hand painted or incorporated into other ornaments.

Our desire to leave a positive impact is to allow our planet to be happy and healthy too, so that as we build our families and memories, we still have a world for them to flourish in.